Eli Tausen á Lava



Eli Tausen á Lava is an award-winning Faroese composer of contemporary classical music based in Malmö, Sweden.

Fun to write, fun to play and fun to listen to.
— Eli, on his musical ideals

Outgoing and friendly; he prefers to work closely with his patrons and performers—both during the writing process and the rehearsal period. He is first and foremost a composer of chamber music, but has experience writing solo, choral and orchestral music as well.

Eli has been active as a composer since 2015. His music has been internationally performed and has been featured in music festivals ranging from the Faroe Islands to Sweden to China.



Eli manages to find depth in simplicity, humour in solemnity; or the other way around.
— Sunleif Rasmussen, critically acclaimed and award-winning composer


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